Top 4 Active Adventures To Do In Uganda


Uganda is one of the finest East African destinations which is a renowned spot for adventure enthusiasts. With a myriad of mountains and hundreds of water bodies, water falls, destination is a one stop Center for adventure and exploration. Still not fully exploited, the pearl of Africa is a place to be for all your adventure needs.

  1. White water rafting in Jinja;
    Jinja is a remarkable spot for adventure, famously dubbed the “adventure capital of East Africa”, Jinja is home to a wide range of adrenaline filled activities, and one of the most thrilling is the Grade 5 rafting experience along the Nile.

    The River Nile section used for rafting is about 30km with rapids between 1 – 6, though the rafts can only achieve grade 1 up to grade 5. This stretch of the river is one of the most scenic and breathtaking with views of abundant wildlife, including a variety of bird species, monitor lizards, fish and local fishermen as they are casting nests on local nets.

    Full day Grade 5 rafting trip is the most popular and it is the best way to encounter the spills and thrills of these world famous Grade 5 rapids that most travelers crave for.

    Grade 1-2 are the first rapids which act as a nice warm up and builds robustness to encounter the other bigger rapids.
    Full Day Grade 3 on the other hand includes similar experiences as Grade 5 trip but just a lighter and mild ride makes a difference.

    This section of river Nile is equally beautiful and it is a stretch of up to 30 kilometers from source of the Nile, until it slows down climaxing the series of grade 5 rapids, creating a magnificent scenic ride for a more relaxed and leisurely trip.
    Relaxed and calm, the grade 3 rafting trip is ideal for families or groups who desire to experience the rapids on the Nile without flipping the raft.

    You can enjoy a meandering ride along this legendary river enjoying the thrilling splashes of water, safe pools for swimming, spotting birds and wildlife and viewing native fishermen casting their nets in traditional canoes.

  2. Bungee jumping: Leap over the source of the Nile with Uganda’s finest high jump in Jinja. At Bujagali, this site is by far one of the most spectacular bungee jumping sites in the world. Visitors have a wide range of options, including tandem jumps and water touches.jinja banji jumpingBungee jumping is just one of those adventure activities you may never find elsewhere in the world; jumping head upside down makes the heart pound uncontrollably as you bounce back and forth to release your anxiety.
    This insanely scary fun will test your instincts, but visitors appreciate it after this experience, because the safety and expertise of the crew is unquestionable.
  3. Hiking Rwenzori Mountains:
    hiking mountain rwenzoriUganda’s Rwenzori Mountains located in the south western corner shared with congo is an adventure world of its own. The famed “mountains of the moon, which is also home to the remote Rwenzori mountains national park raises to an altitude of 5,109m above sea level and presents some of the rarest adventure encounters in Africa and beyond.

    The towering Rwenzori Mountains, on the border between Uganda and D.R.Congo presents treks through stunning landscapes and varied montane vegetation and the views of Africa’s third-highest summit, which is one of the less explored peaks.
    Hiking Rwenzori ranges to its highest peak, margherita takes between 6-7 days and takes climbers through stunning nature and biodiverse mountain ecosystem.

    mountain rwenzori hikeMargherita Peak which is notably Africa’s third highest peak offers its real beauty in the climb up through Kilembe route, the valleys, forests and flora is diverse with trees and variety of ferns. The trees are populated with numerous bird species and primates and as you walk up the trails there are endless chances of viewing chimp nests in the tall trees. Lucky climbers may catch a glimpse of the resident chimpanzee as they scamper away.

    Climbing to the Margherita Peak is more of a hard scramble than a climb except for a few difficult moves across mountain terrain and during snow periods it becomes more difficult to navigate, however the rewards and exaltation of conquering the top is worth the efforts with clear views across Albert Peak to the DRC (Congo) then east across the spectra of the Rwenzori massif.

  4. The epic gorilla trekking experience in Uganda:
    In Uganda, gorilla trekking is done only in the spectacular parks of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga gorilla national park. The parks are covered by dense canopy of trees, coupled with varied vegetation species, bird diversity but pre-dominantly apes, and heavy showers of rainfall that make this forest one of the impenetrable forests in the world.

    There are currently 36 Gorilla families in Uganda, particularly in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga national park. However, only eleven families are habituated and are open for trekking in Bwindi, while only one family has been habituated in Mgahinga national park.

    Mountain gorillas are rated as one of heavily endangered primates living in forested highlands of the Virunga mountain ranges. Hence a closer exposure to their natural habitat is every adventure lover’s dream.

    Uganda offers one of the finest gorilla safari experiences in East and central Africa, within Bwindi and Mgahinga national parks, and it is noted that over 75% of the visitors who travel to this country come for gorilla trekking / habituation safaris. The country is known to harbor more than half of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas, together with Rwanda and Congo as the only other countries with the these peculiar species in the world.

    The gorilla trekking experience is quite an adventurous activity that involves hiking and trotting down the marshy impenetrable slopes of Kigezi region to have a one on one encounter with these elusive gorilla species.


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