Enjoy 5 Star Airport Transfer Service in Uganda


For first time travelers, as soon as you land into Entebbe International Airport, you will need a better car to help you connect to your hotel or to Kampala safely. Getting around Kampala city center at times can be challenging and combining this with the strenuous long journey and traffic jam you will certainly curse life.

At this point, others may even opt for public means of transportation as it will be a relatively cheaper means at that time and yet this may not be safe for you and above all, you won’t have the most comfortable trip. However, there are many Uganda car hire agencies that offer airport transfer services to and fro and there is no need for you to be stressed once you land at the airport. Simply contact us and we shall connect you from your preferred hotel, safari lodge to conference meeting, event or to any rural areas where tourist attractions are located in Uganda. To help you pick a perfect airport transfer car service in Uganda and the most comfortable trip, we have provided some of the tips below;

Book car rental with the a genuine car hire company

When it comes to car hire services in Uganda, many car rental companies that offer the same service but you have to pay keen attention on which company to deal with. After you have determined that you will need a transfer from the airport, take time and check online the various search engines and reviews on websites to determine which agency provides pocket friendly airport transfers. This will help you to check out the different costs that different companies offer for car hire and then you make comparisons as well as read what the previous travelers wrote about the same company and the discounts offered. There is a lot of information provided in Google, trip advisor, yahoo, safari guides and many more.

Book the car earlier

After you have made your mind on which car hire company to deal with, you can go a head and book online in advance prior landing at the airport. If you are planning for your next vacation to Uganda, ensure that you have included means of transportation from Entebbe International Airport to your respective hotel. We are a few most reputable car hire agencies that you consider dealing with for your safaris in Uganda. Book for your dream car and complete the amount up on arrival to avoid any inconveniences.

Flight and destination details

As you send your inquiry or contacting any car hire company, make sure that you include your full flight details that consist of passenger names, airlines names as well as arrival and departure dates to last destination in your itinerary-hotel, lodge or any residential area. This will ease the work of our drivers when it comes to picking you up and also drop you off at a right time.

Consider the kind of car hire and its costs

The kind of car hire for you to use depends on how many people will need to be transferred from Entebbe International Airport. For larger group travelers, a coaster or minibus can be the best alternative. Our coasters have a carrying capacity of up to 30 people and for small group travelers especially for self drive tours-the Toyota Rav4s is the perfect for you and they have a carrying capacity of 2 to 3 people. For family or group trips, we also have a super custom with capacity of 5 to 6 people. Like most car hire companies, we have list of cars with price attached.

In conclusion, before landing in any destination you need to first to consider how you will transfer from the airport to destination of your choice. If Uganda is your dream destination, we believe that the above tips will guide as you plan for your vacation.


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