7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Uganda


Visiting a new destination like Uganda requires adequate planning, time and research. For travelers who prefer destinations that offer that authentic African experiences, consider Uganda a must to include in your travel plan. With variety of tourist attractions, travelers on Uganda safari all have their interests covered whether for vacation, working, historical student or research, depending on what your travel reason is in Africa you will be sorted. For first time travelers, Uganda is located in East Africa and around 1970’s, it became famous for its beauty, humble people, fertile soils, many kingdoms and many more.

Below are some of the reasons why you should visit Uganda

Abundant wildlife

Uganda is described as the pearl of Africa for a reason. It features distinct wildlife species making it one of the excellent safari destinations any traveler on African safari should consider in his or her travel itinerary. While on a wildlife safari, never miss to catch a glimpse of the big five game in most of Uganda’s most stunning savanna grassland national parks. The notable species to spot include the African elephants, buffaloes, lions including the tree climbing lions, leopards and rhinos as well as other species like zebras, wildebeest or rather variety of antelope family, hippos, crocodiles, giraffes, the rare mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, L’Hoests, black and white colobus, red colobus, red tailed monkeys and many more primates.


For bird enthusiasts, Uganda is proud to be a home to more than 1070 distinct bird species, 60 percent of them make up African birds and 11 percent represent those in the whole world. The notable bird species to spot include the grey crown crested crane has been the emblem on the Ugandan flag all over and this was chosen by Sir Fredrick Jackson, the governor of the Ugandan British protectorate at a time in 1893. This stunning bird stretches up to 3 feet with long black legs and a neck which competes with its slender legs for length. Around its head, it wears a fringe of pearl grey feathers. It features the 3 colors of the Ugandan flag, yellow, black and red. This makes Uganda a birder watchers haven. There are European birds plus native birds that thrive together during migration seasons and share this stunning environment. Other birds to sight include the barn swallow and European bee eater, two European birds which frequently visit Uganda. At Mabamba wetland bay, you will have a chance to spot birds like the elusive shoebill stork, the saddle billed stork whereas the goliath heron and African grey parrot can be spotted in Murchison Falls National Park. The standard winged nightjar also thrives and feasts normally on the white ants and usually spotted around the teso area, African broadbill in Bwindi National Park while the green breasted pitta can be sighted in Kibale Forest National Park. With variety of distinct bird species, Uganda is truly a birders paradise.


Uganda also features remarkable mountains like the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon and the Blue Mountains. These magical wonders offer ultimate adventure to hikers. About 15 distinct mountains exist in Uganda and they come with remarkable flora and fauna species. The highest mountain in Uganda is the snow capped Mount Stanley with 5109 meters above sea level. Mount Stanley is one of tremendous peak along the Rwenzori Mountain ranges in the Southwestern Uganda. From lichen to bamboo forests, from the unique moon striped mouse to otter shrew and anything in between are natural wonders within this mountain. Mount Stanley experiences heavy rainfall throughout the year and it lies within Rwenzori National Park. The second highest is Mount Speke at a height of 4890 meters. It is also found in Rwenzori Mountain range and you will also have a chance to sight leopards, chimpanzees, elephants, antelopes and many more. The Rwenzori Mountain ranges is also famous as the Mountains of the Moon and it features as the tallest Mountain range in African continent. It is situated along Uganda-Democratic Republic of Congo border. It stretches about 120 kilometers long with 4 other most stunning peaks in addition to Mount Stanley and Mount Baker; Mount Gessi, Mount Luigi di Savoia, Mount Emin. Most tourists are attracted to this remarkable mountain mainly for hiking adventures which also comes with incredibly distinct vegetation cover. It also features as one of the best sites for birding. The other is unique mountain that is worth exploring is Mount Elgon which is situated along Uganda-Kenya border. This is an extinct volcano whose longest peak is famous as Wagagai. It is also best for hiking and mountaineering adventures.

The humble people

Ugandans are among the very few populations in the world which has undergone through the most terrific experiences. This is especially with Idi Amin Dada who featured as one of the greatest dictators in the country at the time when he took over power. Violence was the order of day not only for locals but also for foreign citizens living in Uganda at a time and most of them were even forced out of the country while national had to seek refuge in the nearby nations. They took jobs as teachers, farmlands, maids and any kind of jobs for survival. However, Ugandans still never gave up till Amin was no more and most of them returned home during the re-installation of democracy starting mid 1980s.They worked towards rebuilding the country and have stood the friendliest and warm welcoming people in Africa today. In fact there is no way you enjoy Uganda’s attractions without participating in cultural encounters, enjoy their dances, music and traditional practices. Uganda features about 60 different tribes with 9 indigenous communities which makes it one of the excellent destinations for cultural safaris in Africa.

Old Kingdoms

Prior the colonial masters took over Africa, there were kingdoms in most of the countries which were well functional in the role of governing citizens and assisting keep culture. Most of these monarchies were very powerful and well administered which even colonialists wisely thought to work alongside rather than against them. Uganda features about 5 functional kingdoms which were well known for their organization in the world with the most popular around the colonial time as it sided with the British against the rest of Uganda Kingdoms being the Buganda Kingdom at the time of Kabaka. They were in force till the 1960s when Dr Milton Obote’s government abolished them. Around 1992, 4 kingdoms of Buganda, Toro, Bunyoro-Kitara and Busoga were restored. Uganda is truly endowed with history and culture.

Water bodies

Besides wildlife, Uganda is also famous for remarkable Rivers, waterfalls and Lakes. It features the might River Nile which is one of the longest Rivers in the entire world, Lake Victoria which is the largest fresh water Lake in African continent and the second largest in the entire world. The might Nile gets its way 6000 kilometers north to Mediterranean Sea at the Nile Delta in Egypt. At time Lake Victoria is mistaken to be an Ocean and it comes with vast beaches, palm trees and many more making it the best site for relaxing and chilling. For excursionists, there are more than 84 distinct islands to pay a visit which make up the Ssese Islands. The mighty River Nile also features several waterfalls including the Ripon falls in Jinja and this town has been famous as the capital of adrenaline adventures in East Africa. It is best for white water rafting, sport fishing, kayaking, bungee jumping and many more. Other incredible waterfalls include the Murchison Falls, Owen Falls, Bujagali Falls, Sipi Falls and many more. Other Lakes also include Lake Albert, Lake Bujuku, Bugondo, Bunyonyi, Bisina, George, Lake Edward and many others.

Ideal climatic conditions

Uganda’s is not only credited for its remarkable wildlife species but also for its ideal tropical kind of climate. The temperatures range from 21 to 25 degrees Celsius and feature the cooler areas around the mountainous region. The annual rainfall received ranges from 1000 to 2000 mm making it the best destination for one to spend a vacation. Even its political climate is incredible compared to the past and this has attracted more investments in the country.

Other things to consider;-Uganda is an agricultural based economy and a visit to this stunning country rewards with lots of fresh food and for vegetarians, it is the perfect area for you to explore; Rain forests which come along with other spectacular wildlife species, plants and tree species. Some of which include Bwindi Impenetrable Forest which features the rare mountain gorillas which makes Uganda one of the most sought after destinations in the world, Kibale Forest which is famous for chimpanzees and other 12 distinct primates. The other thing is accommodation; Uganda has wide range of safari lodges that facilitate visitor stay while enjoying the country’s attractions.

In conclusion, Uganda is truly the pearl of Africa. It features a number of incredible attractions and travelers are never left out of choice and this makes it one of the most sought after destinations in the world by most travelers.


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