A Road Trip To Northern Uganda


Apparently, most trips in Uganda have been heading to the western region because of being the main hub to famous habitations for the endangered mountain gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable and Mgahinga national parks.

Queen Elizabeth national park, the most visited park in Uganda, with the most diverse wildlife species summing to more than 75 mammal species is also found here. Besides wildlife, the western region is also a dwelling for the snowcapped Rwenzori Mountain ranges, the Crater Lake area and several other stunning features all enveloped in the pearl of Africa.

Yes, the western region is the most naturally gifted area and the best appropriate destination to go for a safari in Uganda, but even the eastern region has mountain Elgon, the Nile River with its source and several waterfalls, Nyero rock paintings, Sipi falls and many other attractions.

Likewise the central region accommodates Uganda’s capital with several features that a short city tour in Kampala will allow you explore some.

When it comes to the northern region, it is right to say that it’s the desolate part of Uganda. An area so untamed, less populated and rarely visited yet with amazing attractions that leave curious travelers shocked with the amusement they accord.

A road trip to northern Uganda takes you to various destinations but first it awards you with spectacular views of the beautiful landscape displaying on the sides of Luwero- Gulu road. Then hit the bridge that crosses the powerful Karuma falls. Note that on the way to the north, travelers can still have a short stop over at Ziwa Rhino sanctuary for the white rhino tracking and then proceed. Simply the journey to northern Uganda, is another experience with in the trip.

A Uganda safari to the north guarantees travelers a visit to Murchison falls national park. The largest park in Uganda is part of the northern circuit and more than 70 mammal species dwell here. A game drive exposes you to buffaloes, elephants, lions, waterbucks, oribis, warthogs, Uganda kobs and many other species in no time.

This park is famously known for the most powerful waterfall; Murchison falls, that staged its forces here. Sights of the Nile water squeezing itself into a narrow gorge to explode into a waterfall are simply breathtaking. Have a boat cruise on Africa’s longest river and spot hippos, elephants, crocodiles and other wildlife species that mark the river banks during sunny afternoons to quench their thirst.

Kidepo valley national park is another substantial destination that any tour to northern Uganda won’t miss. Lying in the rugged, semi-arid valleys in north eastern Uganda, Kidepo is the most isolated national park. This only true African wilderness has unequaled spectacular beauty of its pristine wilderness and also the best place for game safaris in Uganda.

In just a few minutes of the game drive, you immediately start spotting some of the 80 mammal species that dwell here, ranging from cheetahs, lions, giraffes, zebras, elephants and many others. For bird watchers, Kidepo valley is a haven with more than 450 bird species.

Still don’t fail to hit some of the most unique cultures in Uganda. Meet the IK people and the Karamajong in northern Uganda. Their traditional performances will leave you astonished, and when it comes to their way of life, they are full time cattle keepers who live in local homesteads locally called Manyattas. The IK people are an endangered group of people living on top of the Murongole and a cultural safari here enables travelers to see the world through their eyes. A taste of the local cuisines of both groups is a guarantee except to the ones that don’t wish.

More to explore on a road trip to northern Uganda is Fort Patiko, a beauty that came out of slave trade in Uganda. This fort was built by Sir Samuel Baker as a military Fort to stop slave trade in Uganda. Today the place became a historical attraction to many visitors venturing northern Uganda.

For the great hikers, the northern region furnishes supreme hiking adventures in Uganda. Having been occupied with several hills and mountains like mountain Moroto, Mount Kadam and mount Murongole, this region is one the best places in Uganda that hikers can go.

Also tour the Pian upe and Mathenkio game reserves while on a Uganda road trip to the north. Doubtlessly, one would not be wrong to dub northern Uganda a desert of wonders, worth to explore.



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