Museveni Meets Umeme over Electricity Tariffs

President Museveni Kaguta

Four UMEME officials met president Yoweri Museveni at Entebbe state house where they held an hour discussion on Tuesday evening. Reports coming from the State House say that the President met the UMEME official led their board chairman Mr. Patrick Bitature of which their meeting transpired the discussion of the ongoing problems of the power distributors and their inflating power tariffs that Ugandans complain about each and every time.

After the meeting, some media houses reported that Museveni was not willing to renew the contract given the many voices of Ugandans who complain about the high Electricity Power Tariffs! It is further reported that the president refuted to renew the Umeme contract of distributing power around Uganda  as he demanded for  explains as to why his people are still consuming power at very high tariffs yet they have a cheap huge source of power.

The president also urged the company to find cheap modernized means of distributing power around the country so that the tariffs can reduce. This is according to the letter presented by the Minister of Energy Hon. Irene Muloni.

Through the Inspector General of Government (IGP) Ms. Mulyagonja, the president asked to investigate the alleged high losses and escalating pay rates of power.

Nonetheless, the power distributor declined the allegations of the high losses stating that it is doing fine and also intends to present its financial statement of 2017 soon.


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