Fly Emirates Hostess Falls from Plane at Entebbe Airport

Elena Fly Emirates Cabin Crew

An employee of Emirates Air is reported to have fallen from the parked plane at Entebbe. It is rumored she died on spot but other reports indicate that she is still alive. One of the members of the cabin crew of Fly Emirates dropped out of the plane through the emergency door and hit her head on the turmac ground.  She is known to be a Bulgarian national by the names of Elena. She was rushed to Kisubi hospital a nearby Health facility along Entebbe

A source at the airport says that they saw one of the cabin crew members fell out of the aircraft from the side on coming close the emergency door was open and thereby judge that she fell through the emergency door. Some eye witnesses claim that Elena committed suicide.

The cabin crew was about to board the passenger as one Elena fell down through the emergency door where she sustained severe inquires and then immediately rushed to the hospital.

It is still cryptic whether Elena’s fall was deliberate or she slid from the emergency door accidentally and still unclear why she opened the emergency door and what she was doing there. The investigations are still going on by the airport police as the inquired Elena is still in the hospital undergoing treatment.

Some ENHAS staff saw her as the craft had just landed, she opened the emergency door and put a glass to her neck then fell off in what looked like an act of suicide

UPDATE: Kisubi hospital’s spokesperson Edward Zabonna has confirmed that Elena died. She had injuries “all over her face and knees”. He said that she had been “unconscious but alive” when she arrived at the hospital on Wednesday evening but died soon after.


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