FDC’s Paul Mwiru Wins Jinja East by-election

Paul Mwiru Wins Jinja East Parliamentary Seat

FDC’s Paul Mwiru has won the Jinja Municipality East Constituency election, beating his competitor and main challenger, NRM’s Igeme Nathan Nabeta and six others. According to the official results announced by the Electoral Commission, Mwiru garnered 6,654 while his closes challenger; Nabeta got 5,043. The third in the race was an independent candidate – Faisal Masaba who collected 117 votes. The rest of the candidates collected below 100 votes each.


The voting started on a simple note on the 15th March 2018 to fill the vacant seat of Jinja East Member of Parliament. The seat became vacant after Mwiru winning a case against Nabeta whom the court found guilty of malpractices and vote rigging that marred the 2016 Parliament Elections. It was tension in the morning as law enforcers where deployed in Jinja town at to keep peace and order in the city.

In the afternoon due to the delay caused the rain, voters were seen heading to the various polling station to elect their favorite candidate and by 5:00pm the voting session was done and the counting begun and around 9pm at night Paul Mwiru (opposition) the forum for democratic change (FDC) was declared winner beating Nabeta Nathan(ruling party) NRM who had been scrapped off the seat for the bye election to rigging of votes in the main elections that took place in 2016.

Official Results Announced

According to the results announced by the Electoral Commission, Mwiru got 6,654 while his closes challenger; Nabeta got 5,043. The two were followed by an independent candidate – Faisal Masaba who managed 117 votes.

There was a low turn of voters as only about 38% of the registered voters turned to vote for their candidate and this was mainly blamed to the rain that showered the areas of Jinja and also the working day that was selected for the elections.

Still There Were Malpractices

There was some bickering at some polling stations as they found 500 pre-ticked voting papers though this was cleared up by the electoral commission as they got rig of the papers. Other than the latter the election was a success and peaceful as the defeated candidates accepted what came out of the results.

This is what the victor had to say about his triumph, “I would like to thank all my voters for standing with me till the end. It wasn’t an easy race because we were dealing with the ruling party which for years has own for cheating elections. They tried to do it again but we were very vigilant thanks to my voting team though some of them are behind bars for some incorrect accusation against them and we going to sort it out as we have acquired our victory. Thanks so much for the support and love for purity”.


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