American Tourist Dies from Black Wasp Bites in Bwindi

Black Wasps in Bwindi

A sudden death of an American Tourist has been reported in the famous Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Western Uganda after an accidental wasp bites.

The 65 years old American woman was stung by a swarm of black wasps (locally called Kalalankoma), one of the stinging insects in Uganda. The victim has been identified as Gloria Suemiller a resident of Oklahoma USA. She was stung by the black wasps on the morning of 24th /May /2018) at around 10:30 hours at Katonvi, Ruhija zone.

This lady was among a group of tourists who had gone gorilla trekking in the Ruhija Sector in Bwindi Impenetrable National park within Rubanda district. The victim plus seven others including the husband one White Gary Lynn 74 yrs came from Kigali Rwanda last evening and slept at Ruhija sector.

In the morning they decided to go to the park and the victim was the one in front of others with the park guides and rangers. According to the guides, a swarm of black wasps just attacked her at once in big numbers as as members of the group dispersed! The rest of the members escaped unhurt.

The Uganda Police was notified of the incident and visited the scene with the Police surgeon for postmortem. A case into her death has been reported at Ruhija police post with a case file SD 06/24/05/2018.

RIP Gloria! Death has many traps!


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