5 Dead & 10 Injured in Iganga Accident


According to Fred Kintu the onlooker when the accident was taking place said that the lorry driver without headlight run into the oncoming taxi as he tried to over take a trailer during the heavy rains.

In the accident, where the lorry collided with the taxi in Iganga District at Igenge village, five kilometres along the Iganga-Jinja highway ten people sustained severe injuries and five died on spot.

The plight happend in the evening coming to 6pm on tuesday when a lorry number plate UAA 124Q that was leading to Jinja carrying sugarcanes collided with a passenger taxi registration number UBA 343B head to Iganga town from Kampla. According to Fred Kintu the eye witness, the lorry without headlights tried to overtake the trailer and incidentally run into the taxi where five people died on spot and ten people got injuired seriously and rashed to the immediate health centre.

He said that the lorry driver wanted to escape from the scene but he was caught by the locals who rushed to the scene at the nick of time when the accident occured.

Some of the injured people have been identified as Henry Gonza, Rajab Musasizi, Jamilu Mafuna, Ahlalirira Fatina, Nabongho Wandera and Winnie Naganga and these are hospitalied in iganga main hospital.

The poilce spokesperson busoga east, james mubi said that the investigations are still going to establishe the real cause of the accident.

He also advised motorists to always drive within the authorised speedlimit ofthe road to avoid such calamities.


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