Winnie Nwagi’s Nudes Could Leak Anytime

Winnie Nwagi

Getting in the limelight comes with a lot of costs especially if you have a past you are not proud of. Winnie Nwagi is currently going through the same and the worst may happen to her anytime soon when her exrated photographs leak to the public.

A bunch of photographs of Nwagi during her campus days were leaked to the public recently and they prove the singer’s lifestyle wasn’t the best. The person behind the photographs, Ray Supasta (Facebook Handle) further claims to have the singer’s nudes and has threatened to leak them any time.

We have come to learn that Nwagi had a disagreement with Ray which appears to be the cause of all the drama. Ray claims Winnie Nwagi stormed into his place yesterday night and abused him.

In retaliation, the gentleman vowed to remind her a few things in her life that she seems to be forgetting as she tries to act like a Hollywood star towards her fans. He posted a few photographs of the singer to prove he knows a lot bad about her.

Below is the full dossier about Nwagi authored by Ray via his facebook page!

Kino ki #Winnie_Nwagi bulijjo mukiwaana naye kissilu kizibu.

Yesterday night she came and abused me, and I promised her that today I will remind her a few things in her life that she seems to be forgetting as she tries to act like a Hollywood star towards her fans.

Well, I have done investigation about this ugly creature, but research gwenkifunyeeko alaga kyakulira mu nnaku empitirivu nga n’akawale ak’omunda kyambala kajjudde bituli.

And the true Winnie Nwagi is ill mannered, a drunkard who drinks and even pees and urinates in her clothes [up to now she still does], and the true Winnie Nwagi is a prostitute.

Leave alone these things she always says on TV mbu she is single and not in need of anybody, Winnie Nwagi up to now still sells her body to some of the guys whose names I managed to know about, but I opt not to say them now. She is a former prostitute at PANAMERA. And she had a crew of fellow prostitutes, they used to call themselves “PANA-MURDERERS”.

Stand in front of her and call her PANA-MARDERER, u will see the look she will give you. She will know you know her so well.

She used to go there and stalk men with her fellow prostitutes by then, and she would give them sex for money. She also used to steal wallets for some unlucky clients.

Naye for sure seriously Winnie, gwe malaaya eyakulira mu nnaku bweeti nga newammwe b’akugoba lwakuba wali wayonooneka, bakuzzizza kati nga omaze okufuuka omuntu, nga ofuuse celeb, empale z’omunda wali oyambala za bituli, gwe ayagala ffe abakuyaambye ne tukuwanika n’ofuuka celeb ate otumanyiire mbu u behave like Beyonce?? Really??

Nze ngamba manya e naku yo muwala.

Remember how all the three guys [your prostitution clients] you suspected to have impregnated you all denied and chased u??? And you ended up straggling as single mum as you always cry to us in TV?? Now better calm down. because we help u raise fees for Destiny.

You remember how you never even had any OK shoes to put on during Coca Cola Rated Next?? You would sometimes borrow from your friends and at times come in sandals, you remeber such times??? Now we helped u, you can wear some shoes. Naye otandise kutumanyiira with five songs just. Manya enaku yo.

You remember when you used to have sex from the beach bushes??? And most of the time they were threesomes?? You remember how spoiled you had become? You remember?? Now we elevated you to some level, now you taken to a hotel room at least. Kati mbu oyagala kutumanyiira??? Stupid. Better know Where we got u.

You remember when you never had anything to eat despite the fact that you were pregnant?? And world had become a cutex bottle for you?? And you would drink a 500 shillings kavera waragi as supper so that u blackout and forget your problems?? Yet you were pregnant but taking waragi. Remember those days?? Well, we helped u, we now call u to our shows and pay you. You can now afford to eat lunch and supper. So totumanyiira. We are your bosses. Tomanyiira ba fan.

You remember how u used to sleep alone with Destiny in a dark single room that u couldn’t even manage to pay rent for?? I mean the ka room u rented after your friend FARIDAH who was helping u sleep on the floor in her room had died?? You couldn’t even afford to buy paraffin in your candle. Well, we helped you. Now you have YAKA in your APARTMENT. Naye otumanyiira wen we call you for shows

So tuyambe totumanyiira malaaya gwe. Ffe abaali tetukumanyi twakuyamba ne tukusembeza nga ababo ab’akuzaala bakugobye. Ne tukuwa ku busente bwaffe n’ogula ku ngoye n’owona agaziina ge wabeerangamu. Tuwe respect, when we call you for shows don’t start acting like Beyonce, Beyonce tapama mu ngoye. Beyonce is talented, u ain’t at all.


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