Fille Dominating the Music Industry

Fille Dominating Uganda Music

It seemed like the end of the road for Fille a few years ago when she announced she was taking a break from music. Surprisingly, years later she’s stepped up more and is turning out to be among the best female musicians in the industry at the moment.

Despite her success, Fille can do extremely more with her music but lacks a good manager to establish her more. MC Kats took up the role months ago but hanged up after having a few misunderstandings with her.

Fille debuted her career in 2012 when she released the ‘Got No Money’ single. It was quite hard for her to maintain herself in the industry and failed to maintain the streak of a strong debut. However, 2016 is turning out successful for the singer. Watch her “Mbeera Eno” music video here.


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