One to One: Hipipo’s CEO Innocent Kawooya talks


1. Who is Innocent Kawooya?

Innocent is a Digital and social entrepreneur, an Award Winning ICT and Marketing consultant, co-founder and CEO of HiPipo. Innocent is interested in developing ICT solutions for Africa’s art, music, heath care, education and commerce.

2. Tell us about your background

Innocent Joined HiPipo in a few months after its online launch in 2007. Joined in my S.6 vacation and instantly started to play a role in software development, marketing and planning for the growth on HiPipo. Born in Masaka.

3. Briefly tell us what the HiPipo Legacy is all about

HiPipo is a diversified company with operations covering DIGITAL, MUSIC and EVENTS. Our properties and services include: Digital Marketing Agency (AdBank), Digital Media House (HiPipo), Digital Financial Services division (Prime-Mobile).
Digital Impact Awards Africa, HiPipo Music Awards, Digital Content Distribution (CRBT) and social ventures for health and education are our other properties and services.

4. What inspired to start the Legacy?

HiPipo was started with the desire and dream to help promote African content and services through Digital platforms to the world. Content such as Art, Music, etc… To create a realistic people powered platform that does not only aggregate content but puts into use of any People relating information and statistics to create amazing executions and solutions.

5. When did HiPipo Commence it’s operations?

In June, 2006. Our digital music content platform was first tested live online 29-mar-2007.

6. What are some of the challenges you‘ve faced so far?

Adaptability is quite expensive, Digital is the fastest growing sector world over. Adapting with the fast changes in the digital space has been challenging, we though have kept at the highest of standards ever since we launched.

Remaining True to the Mission

Given the high level of international competition, remaining true to the mission becomes come a major challenge. A successful organization will continuously review strategy and work to improve it, but changes in the mission can cause confusion and dilute the organization’s impact.
Funding, our systems do not offer flexible funding models for SMEs, banks need hard security for almost every loan. Operators of most financial institutions also possess broke hearts and are slow at understanding that the world has changed.

7. Where do you see HiPipo 5 years from now?

I see HiPipo as the most inspiring and leading Digital, Music and Events brand in Africa five years from now. I also envision HiPipo being the biggest creator of employment opportunities in the Digital and Music Industries whether internally at HiPipo or at various organisations that we are helping create sustainable business and operation models.

8. Basing on what you’ve seen and been through, what does it take to see breakthrough in business?

God’s favor, these successful innovations that we run and manage are a calling from GOD. With persistence and faith, God sees you through, nothing fails.

9. Who are the Best people you’ve worked with so far in the business?

HiPipo Team, Our Partners like MTN, Cyberplc, Global Networks Limited, Decent Africa Team.

10. We have seen awards rise and fall, how have you managed to maintain HiPipo?

Firstly, Awards must be run by Institutions not just business minded People seeking for profits and popularity, many think orgnasing authentic awards is simple as having 200,000 USD and this is why many fall but we don’t. Secondly, we have served the Music and Digital industries diligently over years and the world has gained confidence in our quality works and executions. People trust the works of HiPipo.

11. Any words for kids out there who might want to venture in the same business
That God is in control and that all things are possible with Him. That is one thing that drives me each day of my life even when I’m faced with extreme challenges. Importantly, have purpose and goal!

12. Any new projects we should expect from the company?
Yes, quite a number of them. We are broadening our content Arm and are now investing more in original content creation, we will in February unleash something that this world hasn’t seen done our way before through our Digital agency; ADBank.

13. Tell us more about the upcoming HMA awards
The 4th Prestigious HiPipo Music Awards are happening on Saturday 30th January at Kampala Serena Hotel. Artists, Media, Fans and all extremely excited about the nominations, voting and event. A lucky voting Fan will this year walk away with a Brand New Convertible Car.

14. We‘ve seen a car on the banners and posters, so when does the lucky fan get to walk away with it?
All a Fan has to do is Vote with SMS, Type: HiPipo [Space] Category [Space] Artist/Song and Send to 6933. The more times one votes, the higher the chances of winning this awesome classic car.

15. Any words for readers reading this post?
From me and the Entire HiPipo family, we wish you a Blessed 2016 and future to come. Believe in GOD and always strive to do something for your life.


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