Chagga Eats His Words About Bryan White Saga


After he was fired publicly by Weasel for revealing that Weasel had abandoned all his work to follow socialite Bryan White around the country, Chagga seem to have taken back all his words said that Bryan White is a good man.

Chagga gave an interview that enraged Weasel who immediately released a video in which he fired him. However, Chagga, upon receiving news of his dismissal from Goodlyfe, reiterated his position on the Bryan White/Weasel friendship saying that Bryan White is actually a friend.

“We have no problem with Bryan White. We only got mad because we felt our artiste (weasel) is not being given the respect he deserves but we worked it out. But we love that man so much. He has done a lot for us and (Mowzey) Radio’s family. You have seen how he has helped since Radio’s hospitalization. But we got mad as our brand (Goodlyfe) and Weasel, the only artiste we are left with. It’s sad that he is still mourning the loss of his brother,” Chagga said in an interview with Spark TV.


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