Zari Doesn’t Seem to Be Happy With Her Past Life

Zari Not Happy With Past Life

As the transformation continues, Zari has reflected on her past life but doesn’t seem to be proud of it. The socialite claims at this moment of her life, the only woman she wants to be better than is the woman she was yesterday.

Indeed almost everything about the boss lady changed the moment she found her way into Diamond Platnumz’s life. She settled down and became a more responsible mother unlike the woman who found it hard to settle in the hands of one man.
Unfortunately, the past still haunts her up to now. This is evident in the endless insults that are always thrown at her. Most people claim Zari is unfaithful while others refer to her as a gold digger.

Surprisingly, The boss lady doesn’t deny all the insults. Just a week ago, she revealed she is a proud Gold Digger only because Diamond has the potential to spoil her with money.


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