8 Tips To Stay Safe While on Self Drive in Uganda

Self Drive Safari in Uganda

A Self drive safari is a newly trending travel experience today in Uganda’s tourism industry. Undertaking a self drive tour in Uganda equally features its own incredible benefits for independent travelers looking to exploring Africa. It comes with maximum independence and privacy that you may wish to enjoy while on vacation while allows you to have the most flexible and comfortable road trip. But this doesn’t mean that you have full ownership of the car hire and especially when it comes to exploring Uganda on own. You have to follow the set guidelines while you are on road trip. Remember, self drive car rental in Uganda does not come cheap and for any damage, the company may transfer the cost to you and that is why you need to be careful and keen while driving.

1. In case of any road accidents while you are driving a car hire, the company might count you liable for any damages caused especially on the vehicles and the other 3rd party property damaged on the road. Note that accidents cause loss of lives and it is a criminal offense in Uganda in case you are found guilty. To reduce on this, you have to pay maximum attention while on road trip especially for visitors who are interested in self drive safaris in Uganda.

2. Check on your speed limit as you drive on Uganda roads. Over speeding has been sighted as the number one cause of road accidents not only in Uganda but also in most countries and this may result into imprisonment of which we do not wish our clients to full culprits that is why we bring to you these tips if you are planning to go on self drive in the pearl of Africa. The recommended speed limit in Uganda is usually 80 kilometers per hour on highways and places where settlements or busy urban areas you can drive 50 kilometers per hour and in the protected areas where most Uganda’s tourism activities are conducted, you can take off at 40 kilometers per hour. However, there are other special cases where you have to drive based on the designated speed limit along the road sign posts.

3. Never drive along the edge of the roads given that most roads in Uganda are narrow and there are usually vehicles parked at the end and pedestrians can be walking on the same road. Driving along the shoulders of the road posses a high risk of road accidents and you have to keen on this while on road trip in Uganda.

4. Pay attention to all the radars and road sign posts while self drive safari in Uganda. They are the best guidelines to take you through safely as they are placed there to serve a purpose of overcoming the unpredictable road accidents. Most of Uganda’s road signs are universal and they are written in English and if you aren’t understand them you can inquire from the car hire agency that will be dealing with.

5. Keep a distance of five meters off from the next vehicle as this will help you to avoid any abrupt stopover without putting out indicators to show that the person is stopping or turning and at end of it all, you get crashed. Avoid driving closely to the next vehicle to stay safe especially during traffic jam.

6. You can drive between six and seven (7) am as this is said to be safe for one to drive in Uganda. Most roads are narrow and some of them have potholes meaning if you drove at night, you certainly find it challenging as you may even lose your sight at night. Avoid driving in new places at night and if you are heading to the national parks, it is not recommended for you to drive in the park at night.

7. Avoid driving a car rental or even your own when you have taken alcohol. This can make you fail to make judgment on which direction to take especially when you in high gear. Drinking while driving is also one of main causes of road accidents today and like any destination, it is a crime for you drink and drive in Uganda.

8. Avoid receiving calls while driving. This will make you lose focus on road and at end of it all; you will cause accidents and loss of property on the way.

In conclusion, besides the unpredictable challenges on the roads, Uganda features among the safest destinations in Africa and the world at large that are safe for visitors to embark on self drive safaris. Self drive safaris are adventurous, exciting and memorable as you have opportunity to explore the destination on your own and at your own pace.


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